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Barcelona delay Romeu’s transfer.

Oriol Romeu’s summer move has been delayed as Barcelona await assessments of several midfielders and new signings this summer. UFABET reported on Saturday that Barcelona have decided to delay Oriol Romeu’s move this summer as German coach Hansi Flick awaits assessment of the midfielder, who

Inter Milan rejects Alonso free transfer.

Inter Milan have made it clear they have no plans to sign Marcos Alonso, although the player could leave on a free transfer. Inter Milan president Giuseppe Marotta has denied reports the Nerazzurri are interest in signing Marcos Alonso after the 33-year-old left-back’s contract with

Kroos posts farewell message and apology to Pedri.

Toni Kroos has posted a message about his retirement from football before ending it with an apology to Pedro Gonzalez Lopez Pedri after the 21-year-old midfielder injured his left knee. Toni Kroos, the 34-year-old midfielder, officially retire from professional football after Germany were eliminate from

Julian Nagelsmann reveals team ready next week.

Julian Nagelsmann revealed that German national football team squad will be together from next Tuesday. The final group of players will join after the Champions League final. Germany coach Julian Nagelsmann has revealed about the physical condition of several players. Who have previously suffer injuries,

unconsciousness Warning signs indicating serious illness

unconsciousness Warning signs indicating serious illness. Syncope is a symptom of loss of consciousness . and temporary stability This is generally caused by a temporary decrease in blood flow to the brain. This causes the brain to be temporarily deprived of oxygen. Its characteristic symptoms are acute unconsciousness. It occurs briefly in

The hot sun can cause you to catch a cold.

The hot sun can cause you to catch a cold. Hot weather like this not only makes many people People are already annoyed. It can also make you sick. One of the diseases that come with hot weather like sunburn It is a disease caused by the body being infected