Stop using your smartphone while sleeping.

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Social media and smartphone can affect sleep quite a bit. Especially when playing before bed. Some information indicates that light from screen. It stimulates the brain to work more and suppresses the function of Melatonin. Which is a substance that helps with sleep makes it difficult to sleep. Some people charge their smartphones next to their bed, causing them to lose track of time. For this reason, turning off your phone and charging it away from you. Before bed is an effective social detox and may help relieve sleep problems how to. It’s difficult.

Social media and the internet can be an important factor in life. But not all. Therefore, you should not be attached to opinions and content on social media to think about. Or care about until it causes stress. It should be used with caution and always kept in mind that this is only one type of tool UFABET

Although Social Detox may not be necessary for everyone. Because some people can handle the effects of using these tools. But if on any day you feel that you are affected by your use of smartphone. You can try to apply these methods to your work and life. If doing Social Detox doesn’t work, you feel stressed, sad, or depressed. Keep in touch for a long time. You should consult a doctor.