What is Cyberbullying? How is it different from general bullying?

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Cyberbullying It is the use of digital technology as a tool to threaten or bully others. They may use online social networks. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or they may send messages via phone, email, blogs, and various photo or video sharing websites. This action often occurs in a global environment. digital without an adult or guardian present. The perpetrator may know the victim or be a stranger.

Although cyberbullying and face-to-face bullying cause the same pain to victims. But the two forms of bullying are different in that face-to-face bullying may include threats of physical harm. While It is a tool used to threaten victims in the online world. which can spread various substances quickly and widely. UFABET There may also be many other people involved in this incident.

Impact of Cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying can occur at home and at school. It can happen 24 hours a day. Children who are victims of Cyberbullying You will feel nervous and in a bad state. Due to being unable to find a solution to the problem

Moreover, Cyberbullying It can also have long-term effects on child victims. This may increase the risk of anxiety, depression, and illnesses caused by stress and may be severe to the point where children think about committing suicide. which the researchers pointed out Both perpetrators and child victims of bullying are at very high risk of planning suicide. attempted suicide and succeeded in committing suicide.