Why is Social Detox necessary?

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Social Detox is the treatment of addiction to technology or social media by reducing and reducing the role of social media use. Many people use it to treat themselves because they have been affected by social media. Whether it’s receiving bad comments or criticism. to the behavior of excessive general media consumption. For this reason, How to Social Detox is a method that plays a greater role in this era.

Social media and social networks may answer your questions with just a few moves of your finger on the screen. But it cannot be denied that the information received may not always be based on the needs of the user. Like reading news based on your interests on social media. or view your friends’ movements on various applications UFABET

Sometimes exposure to sensitive content on social media can affect the user’s mental state. Whether it’s about violence Political situations, crime, being criticized for your body, work, attitude, or being sexually harassed. 

If you are continually affected by mental illness, it may lead to emotional and mental health conditions. One study compared suicide trends in two groups of teenagers. The first group was a group that spent more than 2 hours per day on social media.

The other group is a group that uses social media less than the first group. The results found that the group of teenagers who used social media more had a higher tendency to commit suicide than the other group. They also had poorer mental health and attitudes towards themselves.