Inter Milan still did not stop being attacked by Roma 2-1.

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Inter Milan have been in dire straits as Roma 2-1 defeat has resulted in Inter Milan’s two-match losing streak in Serie A. And Simone Inzaghi is putting extreme pressure on Inter Milan’s coaching position. myself.

Italian Serie A soccer league

Inter Milan 1 – Roma 2

Stadium: Giuseppe Meazza

Started the game for 4 minutes, Inter Milan had a chance to win first when Hakan Chalanoglu opened for Lautaro Martinez to head into the penalty area. But not through the hands of Rui Patricio

In the 10th minute, Python came to send the ball into the bottom of the net when Lautaro Martinez paid for Dzeko to send the ball into the goal. But when checking VAR It turned out to be an offside ball. So the score came back 0-0 as usual UFABET 

Both teams still open the game to exchange fun. Until the 30th minute, Inter took the lead 1-0 when Nicolo Barella paid through the hole for Federico DiMarco to speed through the shot through Patrizio Tung the net.

Still, in the 39th minute, Roma equalized 1-1 when Leonardo Spinazzola brought the ball to the left before turning into the penalty area at the far post, Paulo Dybala ran to put the foot to hit with a left without Catch, although Handanovic can swipe, but the ball still spills into the goal.

In the first half, Inter are still 1-1 with Roma.

In the second half, in the 63rd minute, the hosts almost led for the second time from a free-kick from close range. Hakan Chalanoglu unfortunately spun the ball into the crossbar.

Roma also had a chance in the 71st minute: Zeki Selic brought the ball to the right before opening for substitute Tammy Abraham to shoot directly at Handanovic.

But then, in the 75th minute, it became Roma, who turned over to lead 2-1 when Lorenzo Pellegrini opened the set-piece for Chris Smalling to fill in a header from the distance that burned into the goal.

The rest of the time, although the python will try to advance to attack to reclaim the door. But they couldn’t finish the game as Roma beat Inter Milan 2-1.