Juventus suspends Di Maria contract talks.

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Juventus have suspended talks over a new contract with veteran Argentine winger Angel Di Maria following their last hope of the season’s Europa League exit.

Sky Italia reports that the situation at Juventus is in dire straits. And the management decided to suspend negotiations over a new contract for Di Maria during this time. In spite of the current contract remaining for only a few months.

Although Juventus currently ranks second in Serie A. But the punishment that is about to be received. Which is expected to be cut by 11 or 12 points will cause the Bianconeri to drop out of the top 4 areas. Resulting in the Champions League ticket immediately falling out of hand. Which makes Zebra hope for a lot to win the Europa League this season. but pushed out of the semi-finals.

Juventus was therefore forced to stop and deliberate over various matters. And is why the club has decided to suspend negotiations for a new contract with Di Maria for a while. Despite the high risk of losing the 35-year-old wing, moving out of the team without a fee after the end of the contract in the Allianz Stadium Turin UFABET

Di Maria’s form this season for the Bianconeri has scored eight goals and provided seven assists in 37 games across all competitions. It’s a good season. Because during the season. He went to win the 2022 World Cup with the Argentina national team as well.