Potter watched Chelsea stand until he turned over.

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Chelsea boss Graham Potter has credited his players for their persistence. Until they came from behind to beat Crystal Palace 2-1.

“We are satisfied with the result. It’s a tough field. I think we started pretty well. but conceded a goal from the first action in the box.”

“You have to give credit to the children. They recovered well and didn’t give up. It was nice to score the equalizer. and back in the game again.” UFABET

“We have to survive at some point. They are a good team with dangerous players, going down and coming back to collect the three points is great. Credit must be given to the players.”

“It’s a character. They could feel sorry for themselves after conceding a goal. But the players can stand it all the time.”

“Players have a common spirit. We are please with the three points.”

To the question of whether Thiago Silva should be sack.

Potter replied:

“I think it’s not certain. With the fact that he was far from the door, it saved him. And it could be something else.”

“It’s close. I can understand the frustration of Patrick [Vieira], it’s 50-50.”

After the game, Potter was his debut in charge of Chelsea in the first Premier League match. It is also the first victory of the referee in the team as well said with satisfaction. And admired the team that did not back down until it came back to win this game.

Potter said.

“We have to face a difficult field and are satisfied with the results. I think we started the game well. But with just the first attack we conceded a goal. However, I give credit to all the players. They did not give up and fought with all their might. Getting an equalizer is a good thing because it gets us back in the game.