Stefano Pioli raises the spirit of his team’s win over Empoli.

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Stefano Pioli trainer AC Milan have hailed their spirit and thirst for victory. After their last three-point win over Empoli.

The Red Devils defeated Empoli 3-1 in Serie A on Saturday. With the team scoring two goals in stoppage time 3 and 6. The Rossoneri added three points to sit third, three points behind leaders Napoli.

“It was a victory for the team. But that’s what happened all the time in Milan. Because we aspire to grow together and do the best we can.” Stefano Pioli said UFABET

“Injuries occur throughout the season. But I am fortunate to have so many talented players who all have the right attitude and feel that they are in the plans.

“It’s weird. Serious game We should have scored from the beginning. Lose the game after injury and then get back into shape. It was a triumph of thirst and spirit, we lost to Napoli after 22 consecutive unbeaten stats, this is a new scene of the season and it was important to start with the win.

“Most of the players in the squad just returned to training on Thursday and we know Empoli is serious and has the speed to create problems. So it’s worrying. I might be biased But my players are exciting and keep me moving all the time.”