Vlahovic separates from Juventus if miss out Champions League.

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Italian media say Dushan Vlahovic is likely to leave Juventus. If the club miss out on qualifying for the Champions League.

The Bianconeri’s situation was not good. As the Court of Appeal ruled to deduct 10 points from Juve, leaving them with just 59 points, five points behind the Champions League zone with just two games remaining.

On Thursday, Gazzetta dello Sport reported that. If the Zebra army misses out on playing in the Champions League. Vlahovic is the first person at risk of being fired because players earn up to seven wages million euros per year UFABET

It is expected that many clubs are ready to follow the situation. Such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Bayern Munich. 

The situation at the moment is considered very unfavorable for the Bianconeri. Because missing out on the Champions League quota will inevitably affect the financial structure of the team.

One of the solutions is therefore inevitable is the release of players with huge wages from the team. One of which is Vlahovic, although the board previously confirmed that the club has no desire to let the Serbian striker leave the team.

As for Juventus, although they still do not want to part with Vlahović this winter. But ready to consider releasing the News from the team as well If receiving an offer of 90 million euros.