West Ham beat Wolves 2-0 and escaped the red zone.

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West Ham successfully escaped the relegation zone. West Ham defeated Wolves 2-0 at home with goals from Gianluca Skamacca and Jarrod Bowen. Pushing the Wolves football team into the bottom three instead.

English Premier League Football

West Ham 2 – Wolves 0

Stadium: London Stadium

Starting the game, Wolves are noticeably more active. 3rd minute Pedro Neto flows to Daniel Podenz and drags and shoots in front of the penalty area, but Lukas Fabianski still brushes one hand. The ball can cross the bar.

The next 8 minutes was another chance for the hosts, this time Jonny Castro added up to shoot from distance, but Fabianski still flew away from the back again UFABET

West Ham responded well. 25th minute the ball flowed parallel to the right line for Tomas Soucek to fill in the opening to the far post to Maxwell Gornet, foot volley with the left over the bar. so far

Finally, the first goal of the game happened, in the 29th minute, Tilo Kehrer’s ball came to Bowen, dragged into the right penalty area and cut into the middle to try to shoot with his left foot, but hit Max Killman. Take a bite first and then drop it. But coming into the way Gianluca Skamacca rests his chest before beating the garden with the right 20 yards past Jose Sa Tung net.

Wolves had a chance to retaliate at the end of the first half, Mateus Nunes sent Daniel Podenz to shoot from far left. But the ball didn’t go through Fabianski’s hand, the first half ended, West Ham led 1-0.

Into the second half.

The hammer looked better and came 2-0 away. Kehrer added high to shoot far to stick to the block, bounced and floated into the right penalty area. Bowen waited for the moment and pulled the trick to cut in the shot. With the left foot, stuff the first post into the goal.

In the 68th minute, Wolves had a very good chance when Adama Traore pulled open on the right side to go into Diego Costa’s head, who came down to reserve a header out of the box.

Then in the 72nd minute, Wolves had to pass the ball through the net, it had to be Hege when Costa opened the rear from the starboard to the far post for Podence to shoot in, but it was Costa who was offside first.

In the end, the Hammers were still able to catch a nice counter-attack. Declan Rice sent Emerson to drag him into the penalty area to press with the left side, deflecting the block and bouncing off after the end of the game. West Ham defeated Wolves. 2-0 successfully won the first league home game of the season