Kroos posts farewell message and apology to Pedri.

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Toni Kroos has posted a message about his retirement from football before ending it with an apology to Pedro Gonzalez Lopez Pedri after the 21-year-old midfielder injured his left knee.

Toni Kroos, the 34-year-old midfielder, officially retire from professional football after Germany were eliminate from Euro 2024 in the quarter-finals by Spain 1-2 in extra time on Friday, before posting a message about his retirement, Promotion ufabet including an apology to Pedro Gonzalez Lopez Pedri for injuring the Spanish midfielder. 

‘I am happy to be back (in Germany), although sad and empty since the final whistle yesterday, I saw more than the team they have shown in the last few years, but I did not expect to have a real chance to win the title in such a short period of time and be on the same level as the best again! That is why I am so proud of what this team has achieved! And Germany can be like that again.’

‘A special thank you to you for making this European Championship at home so special. We saw, touched and felt you! Personally, I would like to thank you for the really special warmth and affection in the last few weeks, it was very special. And finally, a request: now in Germany, we have our beloved son back. Don’t let him go! The journey of this team continues.’

‘And it helps a lot if you stand by the team even in the bad times! Because I can guarantee you one thing: this is a great group of people who are dedicate to achieving success!’

Kroos end by apologizing to Pedro Gonzalez Lopez Pedri after the 21-year-old Spain midfielder suffer a left knee injury and was take off the field early in the game, with reports suggesting the player could be out for around six weeks. 

‘Sorry and get well soon, Pedri! Logically, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Get well soon and find the best. You are a great player.’